Philosophical Statement from The Principal

Education, a life–long journey, is learning to ‘Know’, to ‘Be’ and to ‘Live Together’. The values of Openness and Tolerance as expressed in the Teachings of Islam and Australian Democratic Principles are integral to this definition of learning.
In Islamic College of Melbourne we believe learning occurs through collaboration and interacting within the family unit and within the school, local, wider Australian and global communities.

Dr Mohammed Hassan PhD, JP
BA, Cert Ed (USP) Dip MM, Dip H Engl, MBIM AAAI (UK), ANZIM (NZ), AAIM, MACEA (Aust), Grad Dip sp Ed, Post Grad Dip Ed St (Melb)



The Islamic College of Melbourne is a place where staff and students work cooperatively to achieve their best and to develop a commitment to continue learning and effective participation within their wider community.


We are committed to fostering a community of learners, and to provide an academic curriculum that develops a broad knowledge base, while promoting the skills of critical and creative thinking.  We seek to do this within a challenging and supportive Islamic environment which develops individuals as both independent and collaborative learners.

The Islamic College of Melbourne is proud to be affiliated with the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC) and all of the schools represented by this group throughout Australia.  A list of these schools can be found here.  


Urgent Reminders:

Enrolments for 2015 are closed, except for year 7, 8 and 9.

Please visit the following link to register for the test for year 7, 8 or 9:
The test will be held at the college on Saturday 8 November.

Any parents who have enrolled their students for 2015, please hand in any required documents & pay any outstanding fees.



The Islamic College of Melbourne offers it's students a wide range of activities within the curriculum.  See images here of school outings, visits and community events.


Enrol Now

Melbourne Cup

Start Time: 8:50am
Date: Tuesday 4th November 2014

Report Writing Day

Start Time: 9:00am
Date: Monday 17th November 2014

Junior School Concert

Start Time: 4:00pm
Date: Thursday 27th November 2014

Prep Parent Info. Day

Start Time: 11:00am
Date: Tuesday 2nd December 2014

Info. Day for years 1 to 9

Start Time: 10:50am
Date: Friday 5th December 2014

Year 6 Graduation

Start Time: 6:30pm
Date: Tuesday 9th December 2014

Senior School Concert

Start Time: 4:00pm
Date: Thursday 11th December 2014


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